ER-SW-CR-25-40 / 12mm Simple Bezel Earrings Made with SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL


A simple pair of earrings that have a single large swarovski element crystal in the center encased by a steel post. They can be worn on at any time or place and the variety of colors to choose from will allow the wearer to match with any outfit. The crystal is multi-faceted is extremely detailed and shiny.

  • Diameter size: 12mm
  • Length: 14mm
  • Post Material : 316L Surgical Steel
  • Nickel and Lead Compliant
  • 001_Crystal
  • 002_Crystal A B
  • 003_Crystal VM
  • 005_Crystal VL
  • 202_Aqua Marine
  • 203_Topaz
  • 204_Amethyst
  • 205_Emerald
  • 206_Sapphire
  • 209_Rose
  • 211_Light Saphhire
  • 214_Peridot
  • 227_Light Siam
  • 228_Olivine
  • 280_Jet
  • 281_Jet Hematitie
  • 362_Light Peach
  • 371_Violet
  • 502_Fuchsia
  • 539_Tanzanite

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