ER-SW-CR-22-17 / 8mm Rivoli Fish Hook Earrings Made with SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL


These high-class rivoli earrings are designed for a comfortable fit and beautiful display. They come in several different colors and will truly impress viewers with its geniune and shimmering quality. Swarovski element circular crystal dangles by a fish hook design with a smaller, delicate gem in between.

  • Stone size: 8mm
  • Made with Swarovski Crystal
  • Stainless Steel
  • 001_Crystal
  • 002_Crystal A B
  • 003_Crystal VM
  • 005_Crystal VL
  • 202_Aqua Marine
  • 203_Topaz
  • 204_Amethyst
  • 205_Emerald
  • 206_Sapphire
  • 209_Rose
  • 211_Light Saphhire
  • 214_Peridot
  • 227_Light Siam
  • 228_Olivine
  • 280_Jet
  • 281_Jet Hematitie
  • 362_Light Peach
  • 371_Violet
  • 502_Fuchsia
  • 539_Tanzanite

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