ER-SW-CR-29-01 / 6MM Heart Earrings Made with SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL


Heart shaped earrings that are very cute and original. They are casual and, without a doubt, a high quality product that is clear and made with top-notch multi-faceted crystal. Thirteen different colors are available.
  • Dimension : 6 MM x 7MM
  • Made With SWAROVSKI Crystal
  • 001_Crystal
  • 002_Crystal A B
  • 202_Aqua Marine
  • 203_Topaz
  • 205_Emerald
  • 206_Sapphire
  • 208_Siam
  • 211_Light Saphhire
  • 212_Light Amethyst
  • 214_Peridot
  • 227_Light Siam
  • 280_Jet

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